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1975 -1978
Drug Dealer
At 17 I had my own apartment and was putting myself through college. My schedule was school all day and homework at night. This left me no time to earn money to cover the costs of rent and school. Unfortunately there was no internet we could turn to make money at home (kids don't know how lucky they are today).

I needed a way to make money while I was doing my everyday routine. I launched my own home business selling medical marijuana. I could make money while at school or at home doing homework. Back when I was doing it, the government routinely rounded up business owners like myself and jailed us. Today, those business owners are no longer oppressed by society. In fact, selling marijuana is perfectly legal and big business in many states. I like to think that in a way, my efforts to fight this injustice helped bring about the decriminalization of marijuana that had started two years earlier in 1973.
1979 -1983
Rock Photographer
In 1979 I was introduced to Tommy Lee (Drummer for Motley Crue) who used my services as a photographer. Through Tommy, I was introduced to many more bands and soon found myself working full time as a rock photographer. My clients included the Blasters, the Plimsouls, Motley Crue, Tom Petty, and many others. At one point, I made a fake press pass and used it to get backstage and into the pit (the section between the crowd and the front of the stage) of any show i wanted. I would photograph the major bands and sell them to magazines all over the world for publication.
1984 -1985
Long before "The Transporter" was released in 2002 starring Jason Statham. I worked as a real life Transporter. Celebrities hired me to safely get them places. My client list was like a who's who of stars from the 80's. Goldie Hawn, Michael York, Kurt Russell, Kevin Kline, Kirstie Alley. Most challenging assignment was to transport and guard William Shatner's daughters as they attended a New Year's Eve party. Two nicest celebrities I worked with were Jeff Bridges and Meridith Baxter Birney.
1989 -1994
Pioneer In Online Gaming
Launched WillyBoy Software. My first computer game was a weightlifting game. But the biggest success came in 1992. At that time the most popular online game to play with free access was Trade Wars. PC World has said Trade Wars is one of the top 10 PC games. TW was a text based game because of slow dial-up modems in 1992. I decided to solve the problem of no graphics by launching the first Graphical User Interface (GUI) for playing these online text-based games. This gaming browser brought graphics and sounds to the gamers experience.

In 1994, the Internet was coming and and soon companies like Microsoft would start releasing online games with the graphics in them. I wanted to get out while there was still a use for my gaming browser. I sold the rights to my gaming browsers to a large gaming company. Because of my gaming browsers popularity, years later TWTERM was added to the Trade Wars Museum for TW fanatics to remember forever (Trade Wars still played today).

After selling the rights to my gaming browser, I set my sights on the coming Internet. I decided to modify my gaming browser and turn it into the first commercial Internet Browser. I was a few months into the project when Marc Andreessen released Mosaic, the first internet browser. Mosaic later changed it's name to Netscape and was sold for $4.3 billion dollars. And that is how my company lost $4.3 billion dollars in the rush to be the first to release a browser for the Internet.
1999 -2007
Poker Tournament Director
In 1999 I began working on the tournament staff for the world's largest card casino. It was here I first met the legendary tournament director for the World Series Of Poker, Jack McClelland. Jack took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about running professional poker tournaments. In 2003, thanks to the World Poker Tour TV show, poker exploded all over the world and I was right in the middle of the action. I was responsible for the one-table tournaments and many of the pro poker players you watched on TV played in my games. I also appeared as a poker dealer in four episodes of the World Poker Tour TV show and in a Playstation 2 game.
2015 - Present
Publisher - World Savior
Millions of people need money and worry about retirement. At the same time, billions of dollars exchange hands everyday in the stock market. Since these billions are being given to someone else each day, why can't they be given to the millions who need it? That's what I set out to do when I launched Boyett Media.

The goal is to create and publish an app that anyone can use to tap into the stock exchanges and make withdrawals. When Social Security collapses, my app will be the replacement that can provide the needed retirement funds. Before I leave this world, I want to leave behind an app that generations of families can use to achieve early retirement and never again have to stress or worry about retirement.
2018 - Present
In 2018 there was a lot of hype about a new movie coming out about the infamous rock band Motley Crue. The first half of the movie was to be about the beginnings of their career. The period I witnessed and shot many photos of. I decided to capitalize on the moment and see if I should author a book on my time with Motley Crue and share my never before seen photos. I called up Neil Zlowzower, the world's top rock photographer. Neil has photographed the best and written many photo books including one on Motley Crue. Neil said don't do it, I did it anyway. Then the movie got postponed until April 2019. When the movie premiered book sales took off and my book became the top grossing book on Motley Crue in 2019.